Kiki’s life behind bars

april 11, 2009

Temperatures are rising and we are spending more and more time on the terrace. One important thin is to have fence high enough to prevent Kiki from climbing it over.

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Ford is gone, baby

februar 25, 2009

So, it finally happened.  After something like 10 year our ways parted. The car got a new owner, I hope he will treat it nice so it will last many years to come. When the guy sat in the car and drove it away , I rode a few hundred meters behind it and for the first time a saw this car how it looks in action. I must admit that it really look impressive and , of course,  totally different than today’s cars. It really turns heads.

But this was just the firs project of mine and my mind was for some time now playing with though of having something different. As you grow older also your taste refines and you just want to move a step or two higher.

But that’ s completely new story…

Bon voyage, mon Ford Taunus ’74 !

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Here comes the sun

februar 25, 2009

Days are getting longer and clouds went away for a while . It was really one fine afternoon today and a quick spin with the bike seemed  the right thing to do after work.  Few posts before (many weeks ago, even months..) I was posting about a crap bike that was hanging around my garage.

Well, it got rebuilt during this winter, got a fresh spray ob mat black from a can, few new parts and some old but useful parts that were laying around at home,  and here we are, the first official photo from today’s ride trough Barje (the waterish land in our neighbourhood):

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The train is rolling

december 22, 2008

Finaly everything has been put together and ready to roll.

Who the f**k is this ?!..said Thomas the tank engine. There was a new engine on the island of Sodor. Or better to say, one has returned after being away for decades.

Merry Christmas everybody! ….and thanks to Johnny Cash for the all time classic.

First snow !

november 24, 2008

The winter is definitely here after first splash of snow. Drivers are loose and spinning and sliding without control. But there are also nice sides, like our with snow covered terrace.

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Retro posters

november 24, 2008

In case you are wondering what are those weird and kinky pictures apearing in Taunus’ video.  Here’s more about it.

These are some old book covers and movie posters that I put together in three packages and are now hanging on the wall of my study. Hot, weird, kinky and retro ! 🙂

If you are interested in one, drop me a note…

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Bobster, pt. 2

november 23, 2008

Here’s another short movie about this custom Harley Davidson caffe racer: